Healthureum Blockchain Technology and Its Use in the Healthcare Industry

Healthureum is one of the few startups that are utilizing blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. Considering that the healthcare industry has not been utilizing technology in the past few years, there should be something special about the blockchain technology that makes it usable in the industry.
Healthureum is built on the Ethereum platform. There are so many advantages associated with using the Ethereum platform. One of the most notable ones is the use of smart contracts. We take a look at the benefits of using blockchain technology in the healthcare industry.
Advantages of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry
Blockchain technology has for many years, found extensive use in several industries, most notably the financial industry. This does not come as a surprise since blockchain is the underlying technology in Bitcoin, the first born of the cryptocurrencies. Of late, blockchain has found uses in several industries and it is high time that makes its mark in the healthcare industry. In this article, we take a look at some of the advantages of using blockchain technology in the healthcare industry.
Decentralized platform
Up until recently, the world has survived on centralized platforms. This means that every system had one central system that held all the power and control. This is the system that moves and makes decisions irrespective of whether it is good or bad. Unfortunately, centralized systems have several flaws including:
Total failure – a system that is totally centralized is at a risk of complete failure. Natural disasters such as an earthquake or a storm can cause damage to a system server and cause the network to fail completely.
Loss of information – the total damage of a serve may result in the loss of information.
Security breach – a centralized system is a security risk. This is because cybercriminals only have one location to attack. If they manage to penetrate the system server, they gain access to the network and assume its control. This can result in the users of the network being unable to use their services.
Data manipulation – the information stored on a centralized system can be manipulated to suit the needs of a few parties.
However, Healthureum has a decentralized platform that counteracts the effects of a decentralized system. The advantages of using Healthureum’s decentralized:
Immutable – the data entered on the Healthureum blockchain network cannot be tempered with. The Healthureum platform is designed for patients, doctors, research labs, and philanthropists. This means that no person can change patients’ data anyhow. In some cases, people alter results of clinical trials in order to suit certain outcomes. Healthureum blockchain makes this impossible. Only original data is exchanged on the network.
Difficult to penetrate – Healthureum’s platform has no single point of attack or failure. A criminal will have to penetrate the thousands of computers that exist on the network.
Types of blockchain network
There are two blockchain types on the Healthureum network:
Permissionless blockchain – this is a network that is free and open for any individual to join. There are no restrictions placed on it. Patients, doctors, and any stakeholder in the healthcare industry can join without needing any permission from Healthureum. When the network users verify transactions, they are rewarded with tokens.
Permissioned blockchain – this is more like a closed network in the sense that you don’t freely have access to it. You only get access to the network if an administrator adds you to the network. You are also rewarded with tokens if you verify transactions on the network.
Advantages of using the Ethereum platform
The Ethereum platform is known for using smart contracts. Smart contracts are important in the healthcare industry because they automatically execute when contract conditions are met. Healthureum has smart contracts that are meant to reduce fraud and promote transparency.
With the Healthureum ecosystem, smart contracts can be used by patients to pay for services rendered to them. The patients can make the payments using the Healthureum tokens. The smart contracts can be used when philanthropists are interested in donating money for a particular cause. There are some donors who have stopped donating because they think that the money they are donated is being misused. Smart contracts give them the assurance that their funds will be channeled in the right direction.
Healthureum’s technology is a step in the right direction
Healthureum’s blockchain technology is used to restore trust in the healthcare industry. It is used to promote security and transparency. Blockchain is allowing healthcare stakeholders to work together.


Healthureum blockchain technology; one of its kind

Healthureum Blockchain is a modern and powerful trust tool that enables the interchange of data and services and in making healthcare payments with a very high level of protection. Healthureum healthcare blockchain can be used in various ways. First of all, Blockchain is widespread due to cryptocurrency and bitcoins interchange platforms. A very high level of flexibility and security provides sufficient opportunities in the healthcare sector.
Benefits of Blockchain in healthcare.
As early as the year 2016, banks began to actively pay attention to Blockchain, while Microsoft publicized plans to advance a Blockchain platform.
Beforehand, jobs with documents due to bureaucratic distinctions would take some weeks, but making use of an automated authentication process and cryptography made it happen in about 4 hours. It is essential to estimate the price of web development. We’ve created a device that will help you out. Get a Free Appraisal in view of how big players in the market start to make use of the Blockchain, it is understood that this paves the way for new opportunities and it is going to be actively utilized in the future.
In the year 2017, Estonia moved to Blockchain technology in order to improve the integrity and security of information. Some specialists predict an amplified interest in Blockchain via the Gulf countries, specifically the UAE and Bahrain.
Distributed network
In healthcare, Healthureum Blockchain opens up brand new opportunities. Firstly, it can be utilized to store personal information of patients (EHR). Healthureum Blockchain based technology works on a dispersed basis. Therefore, the databank is not kept in one place, however on hundreds and thousands of computers. There’s a duplication of the whole chain of data and storage in encoded form for each member, as a backup, eradicating the substitution of unique data.
This eradicates the likelihood of DDoS outbreaks. Hackers merely cannot replace or destroy data. If the transaction was done with the contribution of 10 people, at that juncture this chain is always going to remain accessible, even when about 9 out of 10 workstations fail. Each link will become a full backup for transactions. A very high level of encryption founded on secret private keys omits the possibility of pilfering any data.
Step-by-step recording
One of the important rewards of Healthureum healthcare blockchain is the Step-by-step recording of data. In the chain of data, you can augment a new component, but you cannot delete the long-standing one. More exactly, the process of the Blockchain operation permits you (if you’re a hacker) to locally alter any information but to record the present operation, you are going to need to acquire authorizations of other PC users of the system about the reliability of the whole chain. This all occurs in an automatic manner.
If any component of the chain doesn’t match the same element on another workstation, the record task will be canceled. Therefore, the entire chain must be comprehensive. No one can alter previously recorded data
On the one hand, this offers a lot of benefits. The patient is guaranteed that his data is protected and cannot be altered by anybody. After all, a clinician can make an error thus leading to unfriendly circumstances in the future.
International Access
Another vital feature of Healthureum Blockchain based technology is its international access. The patient can effortlessly make access available to the treating clinician. Also, a doctor can get information from wherever in the world.
Incorporation of Healthureum Blockchain Based Technology in Healthcare
EHR (Electronic health records) Blockchain is awesome for creating a lone patient registry EHR. As a matter of fact, there is going to be alone base with a very high level of stable operation, security and access from wherever. By having such a structure, patients don’t need to be concerned about the synchronization of data. Any medical specialist can assess the medical history and recommend treatment, as long as the patient gives permission. All information will be kept in the general inventory, irrespective of whether it’s a health insurance application or a private reception.
Time and again, a private doctor’s employment is not shown in the history of the patient. This will ensure that the doctor has a clearer image of the patient’s ailments. Healthureum is a multi-functional and dynamic ecosystem intended to convey Healthcare services via blockchain to alter “How We Regulate Our Healthcare‟. Healthureum guarantees its users, the maximum effectual healthcare treatments, access to Specialists and Physicians internationally, access to superior quality medical structure and opportunities.
For more info on Healthureum healthcare blockchain, visit our website.

Healthureum: Introducing The Cutting-Edge Data Ledger

Blockchain technology is skyrocketing in the numerous possibilities of healthcare operations from a personal level to a large-scale perspective of population health management. In the current technological environment, Healthureum thrives on an immutable technology of high standards which is fully committed to transforming how healthcare works.

Nonetheless, the stubborn challenges and obstacles to the implementation of blockchain are conspicuous. The challenges are especially apparent in the typical EHRs which are the core of most healthcare data management systems. Healthureum developers strongly believe that blockchain technology will bring down all the challenges but for that to happen, it is imperative that all stakeholders embrace this innovation. In order to develop a blockchain-based network which monitors population health information, healthcare partners must adopt common data standards. The right applications and software should be developed to create a coherent and seamless platform of a blockchain-powered ledger. On both the large-scale and individual levels, critical decisions should be made concerning the extent and type of health data which should be assimilated into the blockchains.If these decisions are implemented well in time, they can redefine the fate of healthcare sooner than later.

The Healthureum data standards operate on the basic level to instill interoperability in the healthcare system. If the management of health data is standardized, there will be countless possibilities regarding how health information is perceived by investors, philanthropists, and healthcare professionals. With a transparent and unconventional system in place, Healthureum is better placed with a higher chance to increase global awareness about the tremendous advantages blockchain can offer. Unlike a blockchain healthcare scheme, the structure of the current health data management systems is retrogressive and inefficient. In the existing EHR systems, medical information e.g. clinical tests, prescriptions, diagnoses, and doctor consultations are entered in varied interfaces and software. This method is not unified as it doesn’t have a common skeleton. The diversity of the data presentation format makes it hard for health providers to exchange data effectively. As such, we are left with a bunch of institutions that don’t communicate.

Healthureum presents an encrypted ledger which may bring about near-real-time consolidated medical records that are designed to be part of different data interplays. Various types of data protocols for healthcare sector have been proposed; they are interoperable and all-encompassing but have not yet been developed completely. However, Healthureum sees the bigger picture in healthcare and integrates the concepts of interoperability and malleability in medical data to bring forth a sea of possibilities in population health management, clinical trials, and medical research. Because there are numerous weaknesses in the data management platforms of healthcare institutions, blockchain comes in to give impeccable functionality and management architecture. Healthureum relies on the power of blockchain technology to build an intelligent, resourceful, and intuitive interface where patients, doctors, and medical institutions can communicate.

To drive the blockchain-based ecosystem, an efficient payment method is required since all the users will be processing their transactions on this network. The medium of monetary exchange will be none other than the Healthureum tokens. The decentralized and shared network will bring true values including data pliability, scalability, and security. The participants will be encouraged to support this network by providing access to the locked information for clinical trials and research programs; and in return, they will be rewarded with Healthureum tokens. Blockchain brings interoperability and standardization thereby allowing for more collaboration among healthcare providers through data sharing. This will help in the management of population health and future capital planning.

The modern data management systems in our healthcare institutions are overwhelmed with massive files like scan files, image files, and other heavy records. Because of the huge sizes of data that need to be managed for each and every patient, EHRs are not suitable for decentralized and shared ledgers. So, Helthureum has come up with a scheme that establishes a unified ledger which will be distributed across the entire network. In this digital ledger, every user has full control of their information, making data sharing and interoperability a walk in the park. For the files which are too big for the on-chain blocks, they will be accurately and safely located off-chain to eliminate scalability problems on the blockchains.

Healthureum is introducing a creative and smart data management system with no tripwires that prevail in typical data recording system. By adopting a service delivery model that focuses on collaborative technology and interoperability, the new healthcare innovation will increase the efficiency of all internal functions hence positively changing healthcare delivery. This is exactly what health institutions need to function.


Healthureum is Making Good Use of Blockchain Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Healthureum is a new kid on the block in the healthcare industry. It is utilizing technology that is only a decade old to revolutionize an industry that is as old as mankind. Those who are unfamiliar with the technology may be wondering how it would be beneficial to the healthcare industry. From another perspective, a fair consideration should not be on blockchain technology or startups utilizing the technology but should be in the industry as a whole.
The healthcare industry is known for its high costs and slow service coupled with counterfeit drugs and overbilling. This is not a very good track record especially in a period when others industries have made great strides in improving their services. Some argue that the only reason why healthcare remained relative is that a human being cannot live without looking after its own health.
When Healthureum declared its intentions of using blockchain technology to make global healthcare a reality, there are some people who embraced the idea because they knew the potential that it had. Its impact goes beyond making services better and bringing awareness to the industry but was about building a lasting legacy.
Why Healthureum’s decentralized approach is required in the healthcare industry
A new approach was necessary in order to bring about the much-needed change in the healthcare industry. However, it is not just an issue of adopting any technology but adopting the one that solves your problems while leaving the room for improvement and scalability. This is what the blockchain technology is all about. We have listed a few reasons why Healthureum’s blockchain technology is the way to go.
Based on Ethereum
The Ethereum platform is one of the best-known platforms in the world. It was created by Vitalik Buterin, one of the biggest names in the crypto sphere. More importantly, the platform is open source and has an active community of international developers. This means that it will continue to be developed and remain relevant. Therefore, Healthureum is not at risk of dying a premature death.
The healthcare industry is in need of decentralization
The healthcare industry was highly centralized, meaning that there were too many central points that had all the power and authority – but contributed significantly to the vulnerability of the industry. The healthcare industry has become synonymous with data breaches, the majority of them which were costly and resulted in some people losing their jobs.
The same data breached exposed the industry and gave a shout that a new method of running the industry was required. It became clear that the blockchain’s decentralization approach to solving problems was a requirement in the industry. By adopting a decentralized approach, it meant that:
There was not going to be a single point of failure that cybercriminals would target
There was no centralization of data and doctors, patients, and medical institutions could share data
Increased transparency in the industry
Reduced costs
Elimination of old processes
There were higher chances of fighting the distribution of counterfeit drugs.
Healthureum has a team of blockchain specialists
A Blockchain is just a technological tool that can be meaningful or meaningless depending on whose hands it is in. Just like any other tool, its relevance depends on the skill and innovation of the user. It is easy for Healthureum to make the best of blockchain technology because it is backed by experienced and passionate blockchain developers who want to see the close collaboration and success of both blockchain technology and the healthcare industry.
Healthureum’s blockchain network connects people on an international scale
Healthureum’s vision for an integrated global healthcare system requires that the global communication of the participants in secure, cheap, and reliable manner. Currently, there is no other technology that is able to offer this except the blockchain. It, therefore, makes sense that Healthureum will use the technology as a driver for its noble ambitions.
Healthureum and blockchain technology are here to stay
The past decade has seen the emergence of many aspiring companies who showed a lot of promise to change the world and bring something new. Unfortunately, they never went far with their ideas. Ever since then, people have been skeptical about emerging startups.
Healthureum may be an emerging startup but it is being backed by a time-tested and proven technology that surely has the potential to change many industries for the better. Blockchain technology has made significant steps in ensuring that we live in a secure environment where all the concerned healthcare stakeholders can thrive.

Healthureum Online Doctor Visits

Sickness is never convenient. It often leads to multiple sick days and repeated doctor visits. Forbes found that illness is the primary reason that employees miss work which costs each one on average $3600 annually. It is a costly, yet unavoidable, part of being ill. Absenteeism, for many reasons, costs employers hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Both employees and employers benefit when employers have direct access to healthcare which will help employees get faster care while overcoming sickness that much faster. Adding in convenience and affordability, it makes online healthcare a viable alternative that helps people get back to their regular routines much quicker.
Only about 2% of medical students are choosing primary care as their field of study which means that in the future the expenditures will rise for in-house medical appointments. In other geographic locations, there is a complete lack of primary care providers and even less access to specialists. The appointment availability will be few and far between for returning patients and even impossible for new patients.
Thanks to Healthureum, you now have access to online medical care 24/7/365. Moreover, your medical needs do not require you to schedule appointments or pay for unnecessary treatment. Healthureum works in-network which means that you have all the resources you need within the ecosystem to seek out and receive treatment from medical providers all around the world.
Conveniently See a Doctor Without Having to Travel
Whether it is after hours or you are traveling far from home, you can speak directly with a doctor at any time and on any day of the week. Healthureum allows you to talk directly with a doctor face-to-face whether you have a computer or a mobile device. Access to medical care is convenient, safe, and reliable.
Face-to-Face Video Chat
Healthureum uses a two-way online video connection between physicians and patients to ensure that you receive quality care from thoroughly vetted and licensed medical professions. Physicians who participate in Healthureum’s ecosystem will scale the medical industry and provide the same service available in your local medical office without the wait or the high overhead.
How Will It Work?
Every Healthureum user must first register for services. Because the only currency accepted on the database is HHEM cryptocurrency, you will need to purchase them. There is an ongoing Token Generation Event (TGE) for Healthureum now, and you receive bonus coins for being an early user. Once your registration is complete and you secure your tokens, you have full access to the Healthureum ecosystem that provides many more benefits than just access to medical care.
Once you log in, the database can refer physicians or specialists for medical care or consultations. You can store your favorite professionals or search in the database to learn more about the care providers. Each physician’s information is viewable before you choose one, so you have the choice to compare employment and academic history as well as prices.
Once you choose a provider, it only takes minutes to connect face-to-face where doctors will evaluate your medical need, ask or answer your concerns, access your condition, and prescribe medication if necessary.
Some people may pause when thinking about choosing medical care online, but it is quite reasonable already in medical communities all around the world. Most physicians see patients in their place of businesses as well as the internet because of availability since most patients want direct access to their medical providers even after hours. It is all about being accessible that makes patients feel secure about their medical needs!
Providers used to rely on after-hours answering services to gauge the need for physician attention. The agent would then page or send an electronic message to the physician to ask him or her to call the patient. It was costly and time-consuming. Now, patients have direct and immediate access while physicians do not incur the overhead costs that technology now provides an outlet. Nothing has changed with online care other than cutting out the middleman who facilitated the telephone contact with your provider. Currently, patients have direct access for any reason.
Healthureum does not regulate a price range for providers. However, there is a consensus that online healthcare should be more affordable than in-office visits. Doctors understand that and factor in their costs to their price quotes. So, you should not expect to incur high in-office expenses when you are not using that type of service model. Most importantly, you will always know what you are supposed to pay before you agree.
Healthureum can help patients receive diagnoses, treatment, and prescriptions for all minor and many major illnesses. Chronic diseases require follow-ups, diet, and therapy which makes online healthcare ideal answers to many of the barriers that prevent people from seeking treatment. Online care is affordable, quick, and convenient which makes it a viable solution for medical needs.


Healthureum: A Doctor Away From Hospital

You have probably heard of a ‘home away from home.’ This statement is commonly used in the healthcare industry due to the nature of their services. The healthcare industry is slowly bringing you something similar, ‘a doctor away from the hospital.’ At the forefront of this new exciting venture is Healthureum, a blockchain-based healthcare startup.
There are so many reasons why the healthcare industry is need of innovative startups that will change its fortunes and face. The healthcare industry is now receiving a facelift from Healthureum, a new and exciting promising to make integrated global healthcare a reality. Although there is a still a long way to go before they achieve this, telehealth is one of the first and most crucial steps towards achieving this.
What is telehealth?
Telehealth is simply health aided by technology. Although technology is used in the healthcare industry, there are moments when it is directly used in to give services to patients. One area where telehealth is going to be extensively used is in virtual consultations and the use of wearable devices. These two work hand-in-hand as they allow any person to spend as much time as possible far away from the doctor but still have a normal relationship with their doctor.
You can argue that this technique is not new since it can be done by using the old technologies. This may certainly sound true from a certain perspective but it’s not entirely true because it has several shortcomings that will greatly affect the achievement of optimum results. Moreover, Healthureum’s blockchain network offers more capabilities that will make the process seamless and interesting.
Why Healthureum is taking telehealth in the right direction
Healthureum is taking telehealth in the right direction because:
It utilizes blockchain technology
Blockchain technology is the technology of the present day and the future. With blockchain technology, patients can join Healthureum’s network of other patients and doctors. On this network, they are able to find specialist doctors located from anywhere in the world. This is particularly helpful in developing nations where there are few qualified doctors caused by brain drain and lack of medical specialization schools.
The Healthureum plays a significant role in linking specialist doctors with the patients. This is advantageous to them because:
They don’t have to spend time looking for a qualified doctor
They are guaranteed of finding a qualified doctor with the right credentials
They have access to a large pool of doctors
Quick payments
We are all aware of the payment infrastructure that the modern world uses. It uses old and archaic methods that are outdated and slow. These methods take days to go through. We all know that time is a very important factor when it comes to medical emergencies.
With the Healthureum, you can make quick and immediate transfers that are near free. These payments allow you quick and immediate access to a doctor. Since you can make payments using the Healthureum token, HHEM, the process is quicker, faster, and safer. Welcome to the modern world.
Data Linking
It is possible that by now, telehealth should have been used on a wide scale but there hasn’t been an effective way of recording the required data. The use of medical wearable devices is increasing every day but we need an effective technological way of recording the data so that it can be utilized by several doctors at any time when needed.
Healthureum’s blockchain based network makes this possible. A patient or person will wear the device all the time. If ever there is a notification about the health of the person, the patient will enter the changes on the Healthureum network. This comes with several advantages:
The patients will own their data. They monitor their own health and enter the data on a permissionless blockchain network that is secure and transparent.
The data entered will be correct and trusted because it will be coming from a well-tested medical device.
The patient data does not belong to a single physician but can be seen and accessed by all the doctors on the Healthureum network. This makes it easy for patients to be treated by any doctor of their choice at any moment without worrying about contacting their primary health care doctor for access to their own healthcare data.
Healthureum is not a one-time project – the Healthureum is not designed to be a one-time project without any hope of making it big in the future. The Healthureum is here to stay and patients can know that they can utilize the platform for as long as they need medical attention.

Healthureum and Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

Innovation is an integral component of the healthcare industry. Innovation brings new ways of doing things and approaching problems in a manner that is efficient and reliable. By being innovative, a company brings in new ideas that will transform the industry by minimizing costs. Sometimes, it’s not just about minimizing costs but bringing new and better ways of conducting business.
Healthureum’s blockchain network coupled with its groundbreaking features and services is bringing new energy to the industry. In this article, we take a look at how Healthureum is bringing innovation to the industry.
Blockchain enabled medical devices
Medical devices need to be monitored. The need for this process was highly catalyzed and necessitated by the blunder in Europe’s PIP breast implant. To make matters worse, there was a huge recall of hip replacements. These two cases, although isolated, have something similar and common. These two cases say a lot about the need for regulation in the medical device manufacturing field.
However, efficient regulation is not easy to come by. There is a need for an effective technology that will meet the demands of complete regulation of the medical manufacturing industry. Blockchain, with all its promise, seems to be the perfect candidate for this role. On the other hand, Healthureum has developed a customized blockchain based network that is fully designed to cater for the healthcare industry.
This could be the next step in the regulation of manufactured medical devices. The Healthureum platform can use smart contracts to have a checklist of the requirements of each device. If the device meets the requirements, the smart contract will give it the green light to be sold on the market. The smart contracts will act as the quality control process that does not make mistakes but is impartial. The products are only allowed to go on sale if they meet all the stringent conditions of a well-working machine.
The blockchain network will be used in this way to avoid or minimize the selling of faulty medical devices.
Clinical trials
By all standards, clinical trials are important in the healthcare industry because they allow the new medicine to be discovered and used. The trials are also to detect the prevalence of diseases and chronic illnesses. The trials give the industry an overview of the impact and effects of diseases.
Unfortunately, the results of the trials are subject to being tampered with. When tempered with, the researchers are forced to draw up false conclusions. They will then manufacture or design treatment plans based on faulty results. Needless to say, the consequences are dire and can harm the patients instead of relieving them of their pain.
Using the Healthureum-based blockchain technology, the clinical trial results can be loaded on the network. This has several distinct advantages:
The results cannot be tempered with – this helps researchers to make informed and genuine results based only on the outcome of the research project. The results are not biased or altered to reflect the interests of one party.
The results are secure – the Healthureum network is secure. The researchers do not have to worry about the data being hacked or stolen. It is cryptographically secure.
Easily accessible – the data is easily accessible to those who are authorized to have access to it. Other networks store data on a central location which may require a complicated process for the researcher to acquire the data.
No point of failure – keeping research data on a Healthureum platform will make sure that the data is recorded and stored on a decentralized network without and central location of the failure. With a centralized network, the data is at risk since the server can be physically destroyed.
Guaranteed data access – the decentralization network guarantees the network users that they will always have access to their data. This is because if even one computer fails and is completely destroyed, the data can still be found on the other computers on the network. The same cannot be said for centrally stored data. Once the server is destroyed, the data is also destroyed and there are slim chances of recovering it.

Healthureum is playing a big role in the healthcare industry
Although Healthureum is being applauded for being innovative, it is also playing a crucial role in many ways that people don’t realize. Healthureum is going to great lengths to bring the healthcare industry up to speed with the latest innovations. In no time, the healthcare industry will be technology-based and will make it easy for people to look after their own health without relying too much on the doctors. Healthureum is committed to bringing efficiency to the industry.